Other Free Tools

Here are some free tools that are small, simple and standalone, most of them are made by Yubsoft.

If you like the tools, please let us known, any suggestions are appreciated.

cuedumpDump cue sheet files (.cue)1.10.1 MB2023-04-25
devconDevice console tool1.087 KB2024-04-13
hashCalculate file hash1.30.2 MB2023-10-05
peinfoPortable Executable (PE) info1.069 KB2024-04-13
screenshotTake a screenshot1.126 KB2024-04-18
sensecodeSCSI sense code1.027 KB2023-09-20
signapkSign the Android APK files2.10.2 MB2024-04-23
signcodeCode signing tool1.172 KB2023-04-14
SoftModalMessageBoxChange text on Messagebox buttons1.010 KB2023-11-14
tinysetupA lightweight installer written in C1.30.4 MB2023-09-22
udfvUDF verifier1.00.3 MB2024-04-10
vswhere2Visual Studio locator1.074 KB2023-10-12
x86docHTML/CHM representation of the x86/x64 Instruction Set Reference1.11.8 MB2023-06-27
yburnFree DVD/BD burning software1.00.2 MB2024-04-10
zipA command line tool to create a zip file1.00.1 MB2023-10-12