Other Free Tools

signcodeCode Signing Tool1.174.9 KB2023-04-14
hashCalculate file hash1.30.2 MB2023-10-05
tinysetupA lightweight installer written in C1.30.4 MB2023-09-22
cuedumpDump cue sheet files (.cue)1.10.1 MB2023-04-25
x86docHTML/CHM representation of the x86/x64 Instruction Set Reference1.11.8 MB2023-06-27
signapkA cross-platform standalone tool to sign the Android APK file2.00.2 MB2023-12-15
sensecodeSCSI Sense Code1.022.0 KB2023-09-20
vswhere2Visual Studio Locator1.066.5 KB2023-10-12
zipA command line tool to create a zip file1.056.1 KB2023-10-12
SoftModalMessageBoxChange text on Messagebox buttons1.010.0 KB2023-11-14