Other Free Tools

Here are some free tools that are small, simple and standalone, most of them are made by Yubsoft.

If you like the tools, please let us known, any suggestions are appreciated.

cuedump1.10.1 MBDump Cue Sheet FilesFreeware2023-04-25
hash1.50.2 MBHash CalculatorFreeware2024-05-05
peinfo1.069 KBView PE (exe/dll/sys) Files InformationFreeware2024-04-13
screenshot1.242 KBTake ScreenshotsFreeware2024-07-16
sensecode1.027 KBSCSI Sense Code DecoderFreeware2023-09-20
signapk2.10.2 MBSign the Android APK filesFreeware2024-04-23
signcode1.172 KBWindows Code Signing ToolFreeware2023-04-14
tinysetup1.40.1 MBTiny InstallerFreeware2024-06-02
tsmuxer2.70.8 MBTransport Stream MuxerFreeware2024-04-24
udfv1.60.3 MBUDF Conformance VerifierFreeware2024-04-25
vswhere21.074 KBVisual Studio LocatorFreeware2023-10-12
x86doc1.11.7 MBx86/x64 Instruction Set ReferenceFreeware2023-06-27
zip1.00.1 MBCreate Zip FilesFreeware2023-10-12