ImgDrive Lite 2.1.8Free lite portable version of ImgDrive
GUI (Graphical User Interface):
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Date: 2024-05-29
CLI (Command Line Interface):
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Date: 2024-05-29


ImgDrive Lite is a lightweight virtual CD/DVD/Blu-ray drive software that you can run without install and can take it with you on a USB flash drive or similar external media.

ImgDrive Lite is freeware, you may purchase the ImgDrive Pro version to support the development of ImgDrive Lite. Compare Products

BTW: If you only need to mount standard ISO files (such as a Windows system image, etc.), the latest Windows 10/11 has a built-in ISO mount function, there is no need to install ImgDrive.

Download ImgDrive Lite 2.1.8 (2024-05-29) for Windows 7/10/11

DownloadTypeSizeSystemDescription MBx86+x64+ARM64GUI (Graphical User Interface)
ImgDriveLite_2.1.8.exe.exe0.6 MBx86+x64
ImgDriveLite_2.1.8_x64.exe.exe0.3 MBx64
ImgDriveLite_2.1.8_x86.exe.exe0.3 MBx86
ImgDriveLite_2.1.8_arm64.exe.exe0.6 MBARM64 MBx86+x64+ARM64CLI (Command Line Interface)
ImgDriveCmd_2.1.8.exe.exe0.4 MBx86+x64
ImgDriveCmd_2.1.8_x64.exe.exe0.2 MBx64
ImgDriveCmd_2.1.8_x86.exe.exe0.2 MBx86
ImgDriveCmd_2.1.8_arm64.exe.exe0.2 MBARM64

Download ImgDrive Lite (2024-05-29) for Windows XP/2003/Vista/7/8

DownloadTypeSizeSystemDescription MBx86+x64GUI (Graphical User Interface)
ImgDriveLite_1.8.8.7.exe.exe0.8 MBx86+x64
ImgDriveLite_1.8.8.7_x64.exe.exe0.4 MBx64
ImgDriveLite_1.8.8.7_x86.exe.exe0.4 MBx86 MBx86+x64CLI (Command Line Interface)
ImgDriveCmd_1.8.8.7.exe.exe0.6 MBx86+x64
ImgDriveCmd_1.8.8.7_x64.exe.exe0.3 MBx64
ImgDriveCmd_1.8.8.7_x86.exe.exe0.3 MBx86



imgdrive lite imgdrive cmd

What's new

Version 2.1.8 2024-05-29

Command Line Parameters

Usage: imgdrivelite [Switches] [ImageFile]

  -m[:DriveLetter/DriveID] ImageFile   Mount image file to the specified drive
  -m ImageFile                         Mount image file to drive 1
  -u[:DriveLetter/DriveID]             Unmount drive
  -u ImageFile                         Unmount image file
  -u                                   Unmount all drives
  -xi                                  Install driver, requires admin privileges to run
  -xu                                  Uninstall driver, requires admin privileges to run

  -m:1 c:\foo.iso                      Mount c:\foo.iso to drive 1
  -m:d c:\foo.iso                      Mount c:\foo.iso to drive D:
  -u:1                                 Unmount drive 1
  -u:d                                 Unmount drive D:
  -u                                   Unmount all drives

  All parameters are case-insensitive
  Switches can start with a slash / or dash -
  DriveLetter with a letter from D to Z
  DriveID with a number from 1 to 4
  Use drive 1 if no DriveLetter/DriveID is specified


Insert or Ctrl+MMount Image...
Delete or Ctrl+UUnmount
Ctrl+Delete or Ctrl+Alt+UUnmount All