ImgDrive Lite 2.1.7Free lite portable version of ImgDrive
GUI (Graphical User Interface):
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Released: 2024-05-09
CLI (Command Line Interface):
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Released: 2024-05-09


ImgDrive Lite is a lightweight virtual CD/DVD/Blu-ray drive software that you can run without install and can take it with you on a USB flash drive or similar external media.

ImgDrive Lite is freeware, you may purchase the ImgDrive Pro version to support the development of ImgDrive Lite. Compare Products

Download ImgDrive Lite 2.1.7 (2024-05-09) for Windows 7/10/11

DownloadTypeSizeSystemDescription MBx86+x64+ARM64GUI (Graphical User Interface)
ImgDriveLite_2.1.7.exe.exe0.6 MBx86+x64
ImgDriveLite_2.1.7_x64.exe.exe0.3 MBx64
ImgDriveLite_2.1.7_x86.exe.exe0.3 MBx86
ImgDriveLite_2.1.7_arm64.exe.exe0.6 MBARM64 MBx86+x64+ARM64CLI (Command Line Interface)
ImgDriveCmd_2.1.7.exe.exe0.4 MBx86+x64
ImgDriveCmd_2.1.7_x64.exe.exe0.2 MBx64
ImgDriveCmd_2.1.7_x86.exe.exe0.2 MBx86
ImgDriveCmd_2.1.7_arm64.exe.exe0.2 MBARM64

Download ImgDrive Lite (2024-04-12) for Windows XP/2003/Vista/7/8

DownloadTypeSizeSystemDescription MBx86+x64GUI (Graphical User Interface)
ImgDriveLite_1.8.8.7.exe.exe0.8 MBx86+x64
ImgDriveLite_1.8.8.7_x64.exe.exe0.4 MBx64
ImgDriveLite_1.8.8.7_x86.exe.exe0.4 MBx86 MBx86+x64CLI (Command Line Interface)
ImgDriveCmd_1.8.8.7.exe.exe0.6 MBx86+x64
ImgDriveCmd_1.8.8.7_x64.exe.exe0.3 MBx64
ImgDriveCmd_1.8.8.7_x86.exe.exe0.3 MBx86



imgdrive lite imgdrive cmd

What's new

Version 2.1.7 2024-05-09

Command Line Parameters

Usage: imgdrivelite [Switches] [ImageFile]

  -m[:DriveLetter/DriveID] ImageFile   Mount image file to the specified drive
  -m ImageFile                         Mount image file to drive 1
  -u[:DriveLetter/DriveID]             Unmount drive
  -u ImageFile                         Unmount image file
  -u                                   Unmount all drives
  -xi                                  Install driver, requires admin privileges to run
  -xu                                  Uninstall driver, requires admin privileges to run

  -m:1 c:\foo.iso                      Mount c:\foo.iso to drive 1
  -m:d c:\foo.iso                      Mount c:\foo.iso to drive D:
  -u:1                                 Unmount drive 1
  -u:d                                 Unmount drive D:
  -u                                   Unmount all drives

  All parameters are case-insensitive
  Switches can start with a slash / or dash -
  DriveLetter with a letter from D to Z
  DriveID with a number from 1 to 4
  Use drive 1 if no DriveLetter/DriveID is specified


Insert or Ctrl+MMount Image...
Delete or Ctrl+UUnmount
Ctrl+Delete or Ctrl+Alt+UUnmount All