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hash - Calculate file hash v1.3 2023-10-05

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Hash is an application as simple as its name. It allows you to generate multiple hash codes for a file and even parse an entire folder to get the checksum data for each file stored inside it.

There is no need to install Hash, as the application is 100% portable. It launches as soon as you double-click on the main executable file, greeting you with an overly simple GUI comprising just a table. You can easily select the file to analyze or load an entire directory to have Hash analyze and calculate the checksum data for all the files inside it.

By default, Hash only displays the name of the file and the hash value, but you can also configure it to show the file size, its version, the time it was last modified and its full path.

Selecting a folder instructs Hash to parse it all and calculate the hash codes for each file. You can choose the hash to be calculated from the “Settings” window as well.

Supports over 30 hash algorithms  
What makes Hash stand out is the array of hash algorithms it supports. There are over 30 algorithms that this application calculates automatically for each selected file, allowing you to easily copy the code to the clipboard to use it wherever needed. You can change the default hash codes and choose less algorithms to be generated from the “Settings” window.

All the hash codes that Hash calculates can be easily copied to the clipboard or exported to a text file and saved on your computer for later reference.

Support hash algorithms:

If run hash in console mode, it will output results in console window directly.


Version 1.3 2023-10-05
  Added support for XXH3, XXH32, XXH64, XXH128