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SignCode v1.1 2023-04-14

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SignCode is our internal tool to code-sign (AuthentiCode) portable executable (PE) files.

Command Line:

signcode [options] file1 file2 ... fileN
    /n  Specify the Subject Name or SHA1 thumbprint of the signing cert
    /t  Specifies the RFC 3161 timestamp server's URL
    /v       Print verbose success and status messages

If no /n specified, will read CertName and TimeStampUrl in signcode.ini.

some available timestamp server's URL:

signcode.ini Format:

; Certificate Subject Name or SHA1 thumprint

; Timestamp server's URL, if not specified, will not add timestamp


// signing all .exe in current directory by certificate which SHA1 thumbprint is "Yubsoft Inc."
signcode -n 0ebc26dc13da9132a1e41632e63373c093094565 *.exe

// signing a.exe, b.exe by certificate which subject name is "Yubsoft Inc."
signcode -n "Yubsoft Inc." a.exe b.exe

// will read CertName and TimeStampUrl in signcode.ini, equivalent to:
// signcode -n 0ebc26dc13da9132a1e41632e63373c093094565 -t a.exe

signcode a.exe


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