News TinySetup 1.4 released

TinySetup 1.4 released


TinySetup is a lightweight installer written in C. All the software published on our website is packaged with TinySetup. Setup loader is only 24KB, small, simple and straightforward.

Download tinysetup (0.1 MB)

Version 1.4.0 2024-06-02
  Fixed nothing happened when clicking next if one or more of the intermediate folders do not exist
  Changed dialog font from "MS Shell Dlg" to "Segoe UI"

If "C:\Program Files\abc\" doesn't exist, nothing happend when clicking "Next" button. Thanks G. Froehle for the feedback.

when I entered an alternative directory (C:\Program Files\CD\ImgDrive) and clicked Next, nothing happened. Turns out the installation routine will not create a folder (here, "CD") if it doesn't exist.