News Hash 1.5 released

Hash 1.5 released


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Hash is a tool for calculating the hash value of a file. It supports 38 hash algorithms, covering almost all commonly used hash algorithms.


Sheet view mode


Key-Value view mode


Find matched hashes

Configure which hashes are displayed



HTML report in Sheet view mode

HTML report in Key-Value view mode

TXT report

CSV report, which can be opened directly in Microsoft Excel


Get file hashes from command line

Supported hash algorithms:


Version 1.5 2024-05-05
  Added integrate into shell context menu
  Added add folder (advanced)
  Added HTML report
  Added TXT report
  Added CSV report
  Added restore view data when switching view mode
  Improved export to HTML page

Version 1.4 2024-04-28
  Added benchmark
  Added show file icons
  Added show grid lines
  Added change font
  Added ARM64 version

Version 1.3 2023-10-05
  Added supported XXH32, XXH64, XXH3, XXH128

Version 1.2 2009-06-21
Version 1.1 2008-01-17
Version 1.0 2007-11-28