ImgDrive command line version


Download ImgDriveConsole_x64_1.7.7.exe
Download ImgDriveConsole_x86_1.7.7.exe

We make a special console version of ImgDrive which doesn't have main GUI, it may suitable for automation.

Command Line

-m[:drive letter or drive ID] image_file_path
    mount image_file_path to the specified driver, if no drive letter/ID specified, used the first available one.

-u[:drive letter or drive ID]
    unmount, if no drive letter/ID number specified, unmount all drives.

-u image_file_path
    unmount drive which had mounted the specified image

    install ImgDrive device driver.

    uninstall ImgDrive device driver.

replace the drive letter with a letter from A to Z or ID with a number from 1 to 7.


// mount d:\tst.iso to the first drive
ImgDriveConsole.exe -m:1 d:\tst.iso

// mount d:\tst.iso to drive E
ImgDriveConsole.exe -m:e d:\tst.iso

// mount folder d:\foo to drive E
ImgDriveConsole.exe -m:e d:\foo

// unmount the first drive
ImgDriveConsole.exe -u:1

// unmount drive E
ImgDriveConsole.exe -u:e

// unmount all
ImgDriveConsole.exe -u