ImgDrive 1.9.2 released



  Added hotkey settings
  Added shortcut settings
  Fixed the destination file cannot be saved when "Create Image"
  Fixed the Edit control cannot display too long text
  Removed virtual drive name customization
  Increase the maximum number of drives to 9
  Added install a 32-bit shell extension on a 64-bit system
  Changed the drive IO, the 32-bit ImgDrive can also run on 64-bit systems
  Updated driver version to 1.9.2
  Some minor changes and improvements

ImgDrive 1.9.2 added a shortcut setting function, shortcut keys can only be used when ImgDrive is the current active window, each command can set two shortcut keys.

Global hotkeys differ from shortcut keys in that they can be used regardless of the current window as long as ImgDrive is running. This function can realize the function of the drive cabinet, press a hotkey, you can load the image to the corresponding drive.

Finally, is anyone using the arm64 version of Windows? If necessary, we are ready to make the arm64 version of ImgDrive