ImgDrive 1.9.1 released



  Drop support for XP and 2003 Server
  Fixed unable to install driver in some cases
  Fixed cannot read track information
  Added Bulgarian translation

Starting in 2021, SHA1-based code signing certificates will no longer be issued, and we won't be able to code sign for imgdrive.sys for Windows XP and Windows 2003 Server. If don't sign, the system can't load the ImgDrive driver (it seems that the PNP driver is more special, and other drivers can load without a signature). XP and 2003 releases have been around for more than 20 years, and there are very few download users, so we don't plan to continue to support these two systems, if you want to use ImgDrive on XP and 2003, you can install ImgDrive 1.8.7, which is the last version that supports XP and 2003.

Microsoft's code signing is now becoming more and more complex, all in all, for ImgDrive, a storport-based PNP driver, if you want to support all systems after Windows 7, you need to:
1. Buy an expensive EV code signing certificate (DigiCert 699 USD/year), in order to apply for this EV code certificate, you need all kinds of strange materials, why not Microsoft copies the Apple Developer Program (99 USB/year + D&B D-U-N-S , do not need vampire-like code certificate authorities)
2. For Windows 10 signed with an EV code signing certificate, submit to Microsoft WHCP for signature
    For Windows 8, to load the PNP driver smoothly, you need to do WHQL, and you need to deploy test machines for each system and platform, which is time-consuming
    For Windows 7, it is possible to load a driver with a WHCP signature, but a red warning dialog box will pop up during installation

Currently v1.9.0 version of ImgDrive only supports Windows 10/11/7. Windows 8 will do HCK certification later, and future versions will try to support Windows systems released after Windows 7.

The short-term development plans that follow, in order of priority:
1. Focus on improving the driver code, adding support for multi-file CUE
2. HCK and HKL certification (need more than a dozen test machines to deploy each version of x86/x64 Windows)
3. MacOS and Linux versions of ImgDrive, this is still in the research stage, if release these two platform versions in the future, do not pay extra, once purchased can be used on all platforms. Buy Early, Enjoy Early :)