BSWAP—Byte Swap

Opcode Instruction Op/En 64-bit Mode Compat/Leg Mode Description
0F C8+rd BSWAP r32 O Valid* Valid Reverses the byte order of a 32-bit register.
REX.W + 0F C8+rd BSWAP r64 O Valid N.E. Reverses the byte order of a 64-bit register.



See IA-32 Architecture Compatibility section below.

Instruction Operand Encoding

Op/En Operand 1 Operand 2 Operand 3 Operand 4
O opcode + rd (r, w) N/A N/A N/A


Reverses the byte order of a 32-bit or 64-bit (destination) register. This instruction is provided for converting little-endian values to big-endian format and vice versa. To swap bytes in a word value (16-bit register), use the XCHG instruction. When the BSWAP instruction references a 16-bit register, the result is undefined.

In 64-bit mode, the instruction’s default operation size is 32 bits. Using a REX prefix in the form of REX.R permits access to additional registers (R8-R15). Using a REX prefix in the form of REX.W promotes operation to 64 bits. See the summary chart at the beginning of this section for encoding data and limits.

IA-32 Architecture Legacy Compatibility

The BSWAP instruction is not supported on IA-32 processors earlier than the Intel486™ processor family. For compatibility with this instruction, software should include functionally equivalent code for execution on Intel processors earlier than the Intel486 processor family.


IF 64-bit mode AND OperandSize = 64
         DEST[7:0] := TEMP[63:56];
         DEST[15:8] := TEMP[55:48];
         DEST[23:16] := TEMP[47:40];
         DEST[31:24] := TEMP[39:32];
         DEST[39:32] := TEMP[31:24];
         DEST[47:40] := TEMP[23:16];
         DEST[55:48] := TEMP[15:8];
         DEST[63:56] := TEMP[7:0];
         DEST[7:0] := TEMP[31:24];
         DEST[15:8] := TEMP[23:16];
         DEST[23:16] := TEMP[15:8];
         DEST[31:24] := TEMP[7:0];

Flags Affected


Exceptions (All Operating Modes)


If the LOCK prefix is used.