ImgDrive 1.9.3 released

Link System
Download imgdrive_1.9.3.exe Installer for x86+x64+ARM64
Download ImgDrivePortable64_1.9.3.exe 64-bit Windows x64
Download ImgDrivePortable32_1.9.3.exe 32-bit Windows x86
Download ImgDrivePortable64a_1.9.3.exe 64-bit Windows ARM64
  Added native support for Windows on ARM64
  Load the selected image file to the corresponding drive via hotkeys
  Added ID and SCSI column
  Added show drive location and drive letter in properties dialog
  Removed the ugly focus rectangle on drive list view
  Fixed invoke hotkeys when configuring them
  Added save drive list column layout
  Update language files
  Fixed unable to install driver in some cases
  Added doesn't load driver in safe mode
  Fixed there is no progress while creating the iso
  Added eject unmounts image

Because native support for the ARM64 version is added to the installation package, the installation package is 254 KB larger.