ImgDrive Portable 2.0.1Free lite portable version of ImgDrive
GUI (Graphical User Interface):
Download zip Size: 0.5 MB
Released: 2023-03-16
CLI (Command Line Interface):
Download zip Size: 0.4 MB
Released: 2023-03-16


ImgDrive Portable is a lightweight virtual CD/DVD/Blu-ray drive software that you can run without install and can take it with you on a USB flash drive or similar external media.

ImgDrive Portable is freeware, you may purchase the ImgDrive Pro version to support the development of ImgDrive Portable.

Download ImgDrive Portable 2.0.1 (2023-03-16) for Windows 7/10/11

DownloadTypeSizeSystemDescription MBx86+x64+ARM64GUI (Graphical User Interface)
ImgDrivePortable_2.0.1.exe.exe0.6 MBx86+x64
ImgDrivePortable_2.0.1_x64.exe.exe0.3 MBx64
ImgDrivePortable_2.0.1_x86.exe.exe0.3 MBx86
ImgDrivePortable_2.0.1_arm64.exe.exe0.6 MBARM64 MBx86+x64+ARM64CLI (Command Line Interface)
ImgDriveCmd_2.0.1.exe.exe0.4 MBx86+x64
ImgDriveCmd_2.0.1_x64.exe.exe0.2 MBx64
ImgDriveCmd_2.0.1_x86.exe.exe0.2 MBx86
ImgDriveCmd_2.0.1_arm64.exe.exe0.2 MBARM64

Download ImgDrive Portable 1.8.8 (2022-10-24) for Windows XP/2003/Vista/7/8

DownloadTypeSizeSystemDescription bytesx86+x64GUI (Graphical User Interface)
ImgDrivePortable_1.8.8.exe.exe0 bytesx86+x64
ImgDrivePortable_1.8.8_x64.exe.exe0 bytesx64
ImgDrivePortable_1.8.8_x86.exe.exe0 bytesx86 bytesx86+x64CLI (Command Line Interface)
ImgDriveCmd_1.8.8.exe.exe0 bytesx86+x64
ImgDriveCmd_1.8.8_x64.exe.exe0 bytesx64
ImgDriveCmd_1.8.8_x86.exe.exe0 bytesx86


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Mount .ccd, .cue, .iso, .isz, .mds and .nrg images
Mount CUE+WAV as Audio CD
Mount CUE+APE as Audio CD
Mount CUE+FLAC as Audio CD
Mount multi-session disc images (.ccd/.mds/.nrg)
Command line interface
Hide unmounted drive
Maximum number of drives supported449
Runs on 32-bit and 64-bit Windows versions from XP to Windows 11
Translated to more than 18 languages
Create images from a folder
Copy disc to image file
Integrated into Windows Explorer
Change ImgDrive drive icons
Change drive letter
File associations
Mount folder
Max. 30 Files
Commercial use
Priority Support
Mount MDS v2.0 images
Mount ASHDISC images
Mount B5T/B6T/BWT images
Mount CDI images
Mount MDX images
Mount PDI images
Mount UIF images
Mount CUE+M4A as Audio CD
Mount CUE+TTA as Audio CD
Mount CUE+WV(WavPack) as Audio CD
Support CUE sheet of Multi-Session CD images
Multi-file cue
Mount CUE+MP3 as Audio CD
Mount CUE+OGG as Audio CD
Mac version
Virtual burner


imgdrive portable imgdrive cmd

What's new

Version 2.0.1 2023-03-16

Command Line Parameters

Usage: imgdrive [switches] [file]

  -m[:DriveLetter/DriveID] ImageFile   Mount image file to the specified drive
  -m ImageFile                         Mount image file to drive 1
  -u[:DriveLetter/DriveID]             Unmount drive
  -u ImageFile                         Unmount image file
  -u                                   Unmount all drives
  -xi                                  Install driver, requires admin privileges to run
  -xu                                  Uninstall driver, requires admin privileges to run

  -m:1 c:\foo.iso                      Mount c:\foo.iso to drive 1
  -m:d c:\foo.iso                      Mount c:\foo.iso to drive D:
  -m:1 c:\foo\                         Mount folder c:\foo\ to drive 1
  -m:d c:\foo\                         Mount folder c:\foo\ to drive D:
  -u:1                                 Unmount drive 1
  -u:d                                 Unmount drive D:
  -u                                   Unmount all drives

  All parameters are case-insensitive
  Switches can start with a slash / or dash -
  DriveLetter with a letter from D to Z
  DriveID with a number from 1 to 4 (Up to 9 in Pro version)
  Use drive 1 if no DriveLetter/DriveID is specified


Insert or Ctrl+MMount Image...
Delete or Ctrl+UUnmount
Ctrl+Delete or Ctrl+Alt+UUnmount All