ImgDrive Portable 1.7.2
The Ultimate virtual CD/DVD/BD drive
64-Bit version only
File size: 178 KB
Released: 2018-08-12
32-Bit version only
File size: 163 KB
Released: 2018-08-12
64-bit + 32-bit combined
File size: 247 KB
Released: 2018-08-12

ImgDrive Portable is a CD/DVD/BD emulator. ImgDrive Portable is Freeware, and will be totally free forever. Your donation support will encourage us to release new versions.

ImgDrive Portable is designed as a light weight program, only ~180KB, written in C/C++.


Support File Type

What's new

Version 1.7.2 2018-08-12


Command Line

mount: ImgDrivePortable.exe -m:X image_file_path
unmount: ImgDrivePortable.exe -u:X

// mount to the first available drive
ImgDrivePortable.exe -m image_file_path

// unmount all
ImgDrivePortable.exe -u

// Install driver (need administrator privilege)
ImgDrivePortable.exe -xi

// Uninstall driver (need administrator privilege)
ImgDrivePortable.exe -xu
replace X with a drive letter (A-Z) or a unit number (0-6)

For example:
// Mount d:\tst.iso to the first unit
ImgDrivePortable.exe -m:0 d:\tst.iso

// Mount d:\tst.iso to drive E
ImgDrivePortable.exe -m:e d:\tst.iso

// Unmount the first unit
ImgDrivePortable.exe -u:0

// Unmount drive E
ImgDrivePortable.exe -u:e


Insert or Ctrl+MMount Image...
Delete or Ctrl+UUnmount
Ctrl+Delete or Ctrl+Alt+UUnmount All Drives


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