ImgDrive Portable is a CD/DVD/BD emulator, is designed as a light weight program, only ~180KB.


How to use

1. Install Driver

As a CD/DVD/BD emulator, the device driver(s) have to be installed. You can uninstall the driver at any moment using this program.

2. Mount

After driver is successfully installed, you can click Mount... button to mount a image.
Drag a image file to this window.

3. Uninstall Driver

You can click Uninstall Driver button to uninstall ImgDrive driver.

Command Line

mount: ImgDrivePortable.exe -m:X image_file_path
unmount: ImgDrivePortable.exe -u:X

// mount to the first available drive
ImgDrivePortable.exe -m image_file_path

// unmount all
ImgDrivePortable.exe -u

// Install driver (need administrator privilege)
ImgDrivePortable.exe -xi

// Uninstall driver (need administrator privilege)
ImgDrivePortable.exe -xu
replace X with a drive letter (A-Z) or a unit number (0-6)

For example:
// Mount d:\tst.iso to the first unit
ImgDrivePortable.exe -m:0 d:\tst.iso

// Mount d:\tst.iso to drive E
ImgDrivePortable.exe -m:e d:\tst.iso

// Unmount the first unit
ImgDrivePortable.exe -u:0

// Unmount drive E
ImgDrivePortable.exe -u:e


Insert or Ctrl+MMount Image...
Delete or Ctrl+UUnmount
Ctrl+Delete or Ctrl+Alt+UUnmount All Drives